Nov 3, 2008

The Day Eric Was Born!...

s I've told you before Eric is turning 3 this November 20th.So this month means a lot to me.
Of course that March and May mean a lot too (those are the months of my older boys b'days), but I have to admit that November of 2005 was so perfect that when I think of it my heart fills of joy and I feel like getting preg right away! LOL!

I don't know if the fact that I was 28 nearly 29 when I had Eric made a difference, but I believe it did. Being a mom at late 20's early 30's is quite different of being a mom at the early 20's.We have more patience to deal with the stress (ok and the fact that Eric was my 3rd one meant a lot too!) of taking care of a newborn.
November 20th of 2005:

It was a rainy cold Sunday...I got up around 9am feeling kinda weird...
No pains...Just feeling weird...I had the feeling that the baby wasn't moving as much as he used to.
Every now and then, a huge contraction, but the pain was some
thing I could tolerate smoothly...
I did all my chores around the house...Walked the dog out...And after lunch time I called my mom to tell her I was feeling weird and if the baby kept that still I would have to go to the Hospital.
During all afternoon I kept up cleaning (yeah the nesting thing hit me real hard!!!LOL), ironing, did the laundry, went to the grocery store, took a shower,and around 5pm I had my first blood show.

6pm I called my MIL and told her that I had to go to the Hospital.I asked her to pick me up around 7h30pm cause I wanted to give kids the supper.And so I did.
Fortunately hubby was home that day and he was staying with the kids.
A bit after 7h30 my MIL came to pick me up.Boy!She was in a nerve rack!LOL!She was so stressed out that I couldn't stop laughing.
We got to the Hospital at 7h55pm.I made check in and headed to the delivery room.It took me another 10 minutes before the doctor attended me and when he did the touch exam he freaked out!I had the complete dilatation and the baby was about to be born.In 5 seconds I had a crew of at least 5 nurses undressing me and getting me prepared t
o deliver the baby.
As soon as they broke my waters surgically,Eric made his way through.I pushed twice and he was out!The nurses were so mad at me (cause here in Portugal they love to do episiotomy!)once I pushed before they had the chance to do anything!
8h20pm--Eric was born!An healthy strong boy screaming at the top of his lungs!

He had 8.04lbs(3.650kgs) and measured 19.68 inches(50cms).
Next day I was walking fine and had no complications what so ever!
Best labor/delivery ever!


Toni said...

That does sound perfect!!!

Mizé said...

Olá Sandra.
É incrível como registamos estes momentos para sempre na memória, também me lembro de tudo o que se passou no parto da minha filhota (cesariana ao fim de 22 horas).
Teve sorte de ter sido tão rápido, o corte que fazem deve doer mesmo.

Queria alertá-la que ter música no blog é contra as regras do Entrecard. No mês passado eliminaram algumas contas por causa disso. Estas regras estão no blog do Entrecard.
Até breve. Mizé.

Tammy said...

That sounds like a wonderful child birth! All of mine were horribly painful and difficult. :o(

Jade said...

Hi Sandra,

This sounds like a wonderful experience. I hope I get to have this too when I am finally blessed to have one.

Btw, thanks for the sweet words you left in my blog. It really helps in difficult times get love from so many nice people.


Tina said...

only you could carry on with the chores whilst in labour lol

you never forget childbirth do you!

hey i like your new sandra divider ;)