Mar 31, 2009


My dear friends

Today I got this email from my beloved niece warning about pedophile signs and symbols...Of course I had to publish it over my blog, cause this is something that we all should be aware of!

So here's the deal:

Last January the FBI released a report about pedophiles.
In this report a series of symbols are shown.Symbols and signs used by the pedophiles so they can be able to recognize them.
The symbols are always composed by the union of two similar shapes (one inside the other).
The bigger shape represents the adult and the smaller shape represents the child.
The size difference between them demonstrates the preference for older or younger children.
Boys are represented by the triangular shapes and the girls by the hearts.

This symbols can be found on websites,coins,jewelry among other objects...

The triangular shapes represent men that like boys (the cruel detail is that the thinner triangle stands for those who like boys of a very tender age);the heart represent men who like girls and the butterfly represents those who like both genders.


Please be AWARE and pass the message through!

Mar 27, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

This is a Friday Meme hosted by my dear friend Tisha @"CrAzY Working Mom".

We've been having gorgeous days and therefor, gorgeous sunsets and clear bright nights...

Mar 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy's love!

Today my first born child turns 12!!!Can you believe it???12 already!!!Geeee!
Mommy loves you more than life!

Mar 19, 2009

I'm a TOP MOMMA...Again!

I'm a Top Mommma!

Can you girls believe it?!I'm a TopMomma again!!!And this time I'm a TopMomma over my 2 blogs!So go check it out and don't forget to click on my badges!!!!
Love ya girls!

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

Today, here in Portugal is Father's Day!So to both best Dad's in the world here's our tribute!

To my hubby who's an awesome Dad!

And to my Dad, that despite is no longer among us he still watches over me and his grand kids!

Mar 18, 2009


Wilson+Bianca (January 2003)

Back on track

Oh my God!!!Finally I'm back!
I'm so happy I got my computer fixed!I've got to admit that I feel completely lost with out it!
Without it I coulnd't apply for jobs on a daily basis like I've been doing for the past 2/3 months...I couldn't vent about my feelings (Yeah...I know that over this blog I don't express myself as much as I do over my other blog Super Mae...But this is more of a baby/motherhood/pregnancy subject kinda blog...)And I couldn't chat online with my blogging friends!...
It's going to take me a while to catch up with everyone thou...
So...I'll see ya soon!...

Mar 8, 2009

Off line

I wanna start by thanking everyone for your concern.I'll be off line for a while cause my computer broke down and the only way I can access the net now is throu my kids PSP.Which is not very handy and doesn't allow me to do lots of things like blog hopping or leaving comments.I hope I can get back on track asap.