Oct 28, 2008

Get On Of These!...

A couple of weeks ago my BBF Tisha was having some problems with her
new born (baby Emily, a cutie pie!) cause the baby got some bug and had
stuffy nose what caused her hard time to b reath.
Then it came to my
mind that my friend Tina who's living in Pasco,WA had the same problem
with her 5 year old princess, last Winter.
Well, unfortunately I'm too acquainted with those problems.
of my older boys got submitted in the Hospital for 2 weeks when they
were babies, with respiratory infections (a.k.a. bronchiolitis).
Always by the same time of the year (December/January) and both of them around the same age (8/9 months old).
I slept on the Hospital floor (in both cases) for 14 nights in a row, beside their beds.
So when I had Eric , I was praying that I wouldn't have to go through all that again.
Thankfully, God has blessed me with a extremely healthy child (ok!Maybe the fact that I'm still nursing him has been a great help in the process!).
Still, when Eric was born I told my hubby that we HAD to buy a new nebuliser once the old one we bought when Filipe was a baby got broken.
I can assure you that there is nothing better then this.
Whenever my kids got stuffy noses or have lots of mucous going on I use it.
We don't have to use it with medicines the whole time.
If the kids are just having an hard time breathing (with no respiratory issues involved) I use the nebuliser by putting physiological solution in it.
What it's also quite handy is sea water nasal spray.

If you have any questions about it, just feel free to ask.
I'm pretty sure that my kids medical background can be quite handy too! LOL!

Oct 26, 2008


Creed - Lullaby

Oct 24, 2008

Bed Time Story!....

In the year of 2001 I wrote this short poem for my kids who were 4 and 2 years old then...


"Once upon a time
There was a little star
Wondering in the sky
A lonely little star...

She was so sad and blue
She wasn't able to bright
And there she was alone
Wondering in the night...

And so she started to cry
Her tears fell into the sea
I felt the little star
Was calling out for me...

So I reached my hand so high
That I grabbed the little star
I cleaned up her eyes
And placed her next to my heart...

She finally found her place
Her tears were vanished forever
And when you see a smile on my face
It's my little star brighter than ever!..."

Oct 23, 2008

How time fly by!...

I  can't believe that is almost November...
I  can not believe that my little prince is going to be 3 years old next month...
Time seems to fly by!...

Oct 22, 2008

A Story to Share!....

Olive's homebirth/waterbirth

Wordless Wednesday

Wilson -2002-

Oct 21, 2008

Head Trauma

One week ago, my older boy Filipe bumped his head against the concrete floor at the gyms class.By the end of the day my hubby and my MIL decided that it would be better to take him to the ER once he was feeling dizzy and nauseous.
I thought it wouldn't be necessary cause as some of you already know, I used to be a firefighter and worked in the ambulances 1st aids too.But you know Dads!He was too worried to listen to what I said so they took him any way!LOL!
Well, head trauma is something that I'm pretty sure that all you moms are acquainted to!
So I decided to post about what you should do when your kids (or even some adult!)bump their heads:

Keep a tight surveillance on the child in the next 24 hours and pay attention to the alert signs:
  1. 1-altered consciousness--watch if the child looses consciousness or if is conscious but feels confused or drowsy;
  2. 2-Watch for any clear fluid from the ears or nose;
  3. 3-Black eyes and bruised skin behind the ears;
  4. 4-Watch if there is any vision changes;
  5. 5-And pay serious attention if the kid is feeling nausea and if he vomits persistently;
If in the following 24 hours you get any of this signs TAKE THE CHILD TO THE DOCTOR ASAP!

If the child looks normal after the injure,you must:
  1. 1-apply ice in the traumatized area;
  2. 2-calm the pain with some paracetamol ;
  3. 3-watch for any behavior changes in the child (abnormal restless or sleepiness);
  4. 4-watch for abnormal headaches ;
  5. 5-and if it's the child nap time watch for his sleep, if the sleeping looks unusual awake the child and watch his state of consciousness;

Oct 20, 2008

Signs of Preterm Labor

Take Action: Signs of Preterm Labor

Oct 19, 2008

Street Kids In Manila...


Today I saw this documentary about the street children in Manila, Philippines and I was shocked...
Yes I know that there is poverty a bit around the world ( a  lot in the 3rd World Countries!...)
Yes I've seen it before in the news about Brazil...About Africa...
And lets not forget that my husband is from Mozambique...
But I was shocked...
Shocked mostly because of the  Philippines  Government attitude towards this subject...
I know I have some blog friends from Philippines, but if I lived there I'd live in a daily basis sadness...
I love children...I couldn't ever tolerate  this...

Cause children are the best we have...

Cause children are the best we have in life...

Cause children make us laugh when all we feel is cry...

Cause children make us want to go further and fight against the odds...

Oct 17, 2008

My first step...

This will be my first step into my blog #2...
Don't expect much of it...
I'm just trying it out!...