Apr 5, 2010

Long time since my last post

Yup....Definitely there's been quite some time since my last post.
As I told ya before I got a job last year and as you can imagine time is something that I'm still learning how to handle.Obviously some of the things I used to do before on a daily basis (such as blogging!) had to be left behind!Not very fond of that idea thou!LOL!But a lady gotta do what a lady gotta do right?!
Anyway, it's been almost an year since I started working and I still love to do what do (thou I got bigger plans for me!). The kids are doing great in all aspects and that makes me very happy.
Filipe is 13 years old now...Wilson is about to turn 11 next month...And Eric is 4 1/2 ....
It's a joy to see them grow strong and healthy but I miss the days they were little!...
Oh well...
Hope everything is running smoothly for ya as it is for me.
And like I said to a dear friend of mine: «If life gives ya lemons, make a lemonade!...And add some vodka!!!»