Oct 21, 2008

Head Trauma

One week ago, my older boy Filipe bumped his head against the concrete floor at the gyms class.By the end of the day my hubby and my MIL decided that it would be better to take him to the ER once he was feeling dizzy and nauseous.
I thought it wouldn't be necessary cause as some of you already know, I used to be a firefighter and worked in the ambulances 1st aids too.But you know Dads!He was too worried to listen to what I said so they took him any way!LOL!
Well, head trauma is something that I'm pretty sure that all you moms are acquainted to!
So I decided to post about what you should do when your kids (or even some adult!)bump their heads:

Keep a tight surveillance on the child in the next 24 hours and pay attention to the alert signs:
  1. 1-altered consciousness--watch if the child looses consciousness or if is conscious but feels confused or drowsy;
  2. 2-Watch for any clear fluid from the ears or nose;
  3. 3-Black eyes and bruised skin behind the ears;
  4. 4-Watch if there is any vision changes;
  5. 5-And pay serious attention if the kid is feeling nausea and if he vomits persistently;
If in the following 24 hours you get any of this signs TAKE THE CHILD TO THE DOCTOR ASAP!

If the child looks normal after the injure,you must:
  1. 1-apply ice in the traumatized area;
  2. 2-calm the pain with some paracetamol ;
  3. 3-watch for any behavior changes in the child (abnormal restless or sleepiness);
  4. 4-watch for abnormal headaches ;
  5. 5-and if it's the child nap time watch for his sleep, if the sleeping looks unusual awake the child and watch his state of consciousness;


Toni said...

Good post! Good things to know!

Teena in Toronto said...

I hope he's okay.

Tina said...

poor little guy. hope hes ok now