Nov 6, 2008


Eric is an huge Pocoyo fan!
He has Pocoyo toys and Pocoyo DVD's.
He even likes to watch Pocoyo online!
So, my hubby found out this very cool blog where you get to know everything about POCOYO.
For instance, did you know that Pocoyo means "Little Me" in Spanish??
Yep!That's correct!
So to find out more about this cute lil'guy hop over "Fada Moranga's Pocoyo Gallery".
Guess what Eric wants for Christmas??Yep...Pocoyo Game for Nintendo DS!


amycheah said...

how good, he can get his favorite toy as christmas present.

Ivana The said...

Hahaha...Eric is really a Pocoyo-mania.anyway,care 2 xchange link with my inspirational message blog? I have added ur link in my blog. If u dont mind, can u put "inspirational message" as my name in ur blog?thx

Toni said...

I have only seen this little guy on your blog!!!

Tina said...

yay for pokyoyo! hes a cute little cartoon isnt he!

Tammy said...

Aidan loves Pocoyo too! I wish there were Pocoyo toys.

Gin E said...

Eric and I have something in common...I also love Pocoyo. lol! Ki loves his dancing but mommy is the huge fan. ;)

Petula said...

Looks cute!