Jan 18, 2009

4D scans

Baby 4D scan

When I was 30 weeks pregnant of Eric (my 3 years old) I had one of these.
I've got to tell you, that was one of the moments that I will surely never forget.I never had one before in neither of my two other pregnancies.The only thing I can say is :If you have the chance to do it, go for it!It's something you will treasure forever.

PS--The video above is not mine but the picture bellow is!That is my baby boy Eric inside my belly! ;)


TripleJin said...

WOW! That's so cool! I only had it for my 2nd kid.

Petula said...

I never had a 4D thingy with any of my kids. They are so cool though!

Tammy said...

That is so cool! I never got one of those with either of my kids. :o(

Gin E said...

I thought about getting one when I was pregnant with both my babies but they cost too much here. Plus there's a possibility that it wouldn't work out (not sure what that means)and you'll end up with the regular 2d. In the end I just went on with the usual 2d ultrasound.

Crazy Working Mom said...

They were not available at my doctor's office with the older two, but I had one with Emily. We didn't get an image as great as yours though. WOW! Very cool.